Monday, August 20, 2012

It’s happening again

I know I don’t post regularly. I don’t even know if anyone out there still reads this blog. But I started this blog as an online journal so even if no one reads it, it’s still a place where I document things that happen in my life. The happening again is that I am sending off another child to school. Maggie was accepted into the Kindergarten Readiness program at Barfield. I am half excited, and half sad. I mean, she’s my baby. I have run the whole gamut of emotions from this is what she wants, to maybe I’ll just home school, to what in the world will I do when those “babies” go to college. And if you have happened to call me in the last week and half, you have had your ear full of these emotions, and I formally apologize right here on the world wide web. I really thought I had one more year at home with her. All last year I thought I would keep her home and do a 2 day a week preschool for another year. But it looks like I only have 3 more full days with her. Don’t think I am not pulling out all the stops to soak up these last few days. Rick asked me if I would have done anything differently last year if I would have know it was my last year at home with her. And after some thought, I said not really. Luckily I’m the kind of person who knows that each day I spend with my children is a gift and I *try* to treat it that way. I haven’t always gotten it right, but those two years that I worked after Jacob was born and someone else got to spend his days with him while I worked was a big enough lesson to learn to appreciate the days I was home with them. I don’t know what the future holds for me. I have felt a stirring in my soul for the last month to two months and I don’t know what that’s about. Perhaps Maggie being at school all day will free up some time to do whatever it is that God calls me. If its full time work, or some other ministry, I stand here waiting. I reflect on all the days when they were little and it felt like the days were so long. Days when Jacob was deep in a world of a language delay that left him not communicating with us and with that hard to control behavior. The days where Maggie wouldn’t play with toys, she wanted to play with the bleach under the kitchen sink. You certainly don’t want to turn back the hands of time for too long, as I am worm out just recalling those memories, but it is bittersweet that by this time next week there won’t be any little voices in my home during the day. It’s true what they say. It goes by so fast. You don’t get that until it happens to you. Maggie at 1 year old reading
Maggie and Jacob's first day of preschool
Snuggle buddies
A day at home with Mommy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY twine wrapped vases

It all started with this: By the way, Bertolli is the best spaghetti sauce in a jar. Just thought I would throw that out there. I saw a vase that a friend made that she saw on Pinterest. It was the kind where you put paint on the inside of the vase. Well, I kinda wanted to go with something different so I just thought about what I had on hand that I could wrap around the jar. I had this twine that is used for crafts, it unrolls and makes this papery kind of ribbon. I'm using technical terms, can't you tell. I suppose you could use many kind of materials, yarn, jute, any kind of ribbon. I didn't even take the wrappers off once decided to wrap them. I wrapped the twine around the glass, put a dab of hot glue, wrapped, hot glue, etc. I loved the first one so much I just kept on going till I had 3. Well, actually my MIL was here and I made her one. I have a lot of hydrangeas so I always have fresh flowers to arrange in the summer. I thought this was a cute way to do it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My new favorite blog to follow

I just had to post this blog because its one of my new favorite blogs to follow. I apply my make up the same way I have since probably high school and I wear just about the same colors as well. I just stick to what works for me, but hello, I could use some help. I stumbled across Tiffany's blog by reading nester's blog (my original fav blog) and this girl just show makeup application techniques, she talks about products, and really has inspired me to try different things with my makeup, something I have ignored for too long. She even does some hair style tutorials like how to do the perfect pony tail.

check it out here

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

love letter to maggie

A girl who stole my heart from the beginning. I find it hard to be away from you. Even though sometimes you and I fuss, I think its because we're so much alike. That's what Mom Mom keeps telling me. You really are like me, but I can tell already a much more awesomer version of me.

I love how you love to dance and aren't embarrassed to do it in front of people. I love that you love to try new foods. Today you asked for carrots and artichoke and garlic hummus for lunch. Your eating style is so sophisticated. I know you are 4 years old today but I told people who you were 3 right up until the last minute. I think that's my way of holding on to every day that I get to spend with you. I love how you are still so cuddly. Some days you can't get enough hugs and kisses and I'm totally fine with that. You're getting to be such a big girl and are staying in your bed all night, even though I still don't mind to find you in my bed on the nights you don't.

I have waited forever to have a little girl to play Barbies with, and now our, I mean your new dollhouse. I could play with you for hours. It so cool that we love the same movies. The curls at the end of your hair frame your face so beautifully. Your eyelashes are a gift from your father. You can thank him later when you understand this gift. I think its cute that you and I have our own language, meow meow. You're my best friend. I love you to pieces and I cherish you. Happy birthday my princess.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Dayz coming to an end...

What's that I hear, is that, a roar of cheering going on across America. A cheer that the kids are going back to school? Well I can actually say that we had a wonderful summer, even though we didn't get to go on vacation. I'm bummed about no vacation this year, but it makes me happy that we had so much fun that no one here noticed. Here's a recap of our summer:

Went to the Hiwassee River

VBS at Barfield Baptist

lots of swimming and Jacob learned to swim under water, can now do flips in the pool and loves to cannon ball. He really solidified his swimming skills. Maggie still wears her swim vest and is quite confident going all over the pool in it. She now jumps in the little pool which may not sound like much but we have had a set back with her in the pool so her excitement for the pool is growing. We even got to squeeze in a swim lesson from Ms. McKenzie, the best swim teacher ever!!

Went to the Sports Com pool where Jacob discovered slides for the first time.

Splash Pad

Trinity VBS

Discovery Center

Lots of movie nights- one night even lasted til 12:30!!!!

Going to the library weekly

Lots of play dates

Went to see Cars 2 and if we don't take Jacob to see Smurfs I think he may run away.

Football camp and football practice for Jacob- that will be a whole separate post. We're so dang excited about this adventure for him.

A visit from Mom Mom and Pop Pop at 4th of July.

Oh yeah, fireworks.

which brings me to dance parties

and baking parties with friends- learned how to make cake balls

Yes, I must say we made the most out of summer. My goal was to do something planned with the kids every single day. I can honestly say that I did that except maybe 2 days where we just stayed home so I could catch up on housework. Those few days we had unlimited amounts of movie watching, wii playing, and lots of made up games. Maggie and Jacob had such a good time together making up games to play. I love that imaginative play. Reminds me of when I was little.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I like this idea of grace

In case you thought you were the only one who felt like everyone else around you was the perfect mom and you are still here struggling... After almost 6 years of parenting I would have thought that I'd have it down by now. And most days I do. I'm proud of the decisions, sacrifices, devotion, dedication it takes to be the mom I am. But I'm a firm believer in always looking for ways to improve. I don't beat myself up, but there are some days I think, you could have done that better. I'm glad I reflect. How else would I be able to make changes and improve. I hope my kids think I was the perfect mom, but I would never want Maggie to think that I thought I was. Because I don't want her to think the perfect mom is who she needs to be.

I love this mom's perspective of being a mother. Its nice to know that we don't have to come from a perfect place to start a legacy. I can still influence what comes after me, no matter what has come before me. Yeah. I like this idea of grace. I think I will start to use a little more of it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby you're a firework!

I'm a believer. In cake balls that is. We love this little modern day version of the cupcake. The kids love to help make them, as it reminds them of play doh when making the balls. Then comes the dipping and decorating with sprinkles. These red white and blue ones are a tribute to our country's independence. Happy 4th of July America! We live in the greatest country ever.

Speaking of the greatest country, that reminds me of one of the greatest states ever. That would be Tennessee. We have the Smithsonian channel and there is a series called Aerial America. Its a show that documents and tells the history of a state which showing shots of the state from the air. It highlighted from the Great Smoky Mountains, the battlefields of Tennessee, Country Music Hall of Fame, Beale Street, Graceland, as well as many other landmarks. It sparked lots of discussion about our state and Rick and I both realized how much of our nation's history is here in Tennessee, like the birthplace of 2 genres of music: country music and the blues.

While we were watching it, I got out my journal and jotted down all the places the show highlighted and we will attempt to visit as many places on the list as possible. So in honor of our country you should check out the show's website and see when your state is showing. I think we should all take in as much history of the state we live in. It gives you more of sense of pride where you live when you can appreciate the land and what took place long before we were here.